Dinner at Ted's (An Olive Branch)

Dinner At Ted's

by Edward, St. David's

Caught in a blizzard while driving home from work, Adam thankfully stumbles upon a very welcoming restaurant. Upon entering, however, it soon becomes apparent that those inside are as unusual as they are friendly.

“Dinner at Ted’s” is food for the regretful and heartbroken to dine upon.

It is a story for those who yearn to go back and do things differently.

To retrieve what they once gave away.

Nudge Canyon - Out Early 2024

Nudge Canyon

by Edward, St. David's

Through a twist of fate, video arcade regular - Tom - becomes the owner of a beautifully antique - but broken - one armed bandit. After repairing the machine, the lovingly restored antique rewards Tom with the unusual and wonderful prizes shown on the reels.

But he should have read the small print.